1. What is VAT Relief?

For a product to be eligible for VAT relief they need to be designed and manufactured solely to help people with disabilities.

Most of the products on our website are eligible for VAT relief. However, as some of the products on our site were created for general purposes for around the house, they do not qualify under the governments standards. Qualifying products are highlighted with the following icons;

VAT Relief

This product qualifies for VAT relief. Confirm your eligibility at checkout. If you are not eligible, 20% VAT will be charged.

Zero VAT

There is no VAT on this product type. Your eligibility for VAT relief will not affect the price of this item.

No VAT Relief

This product does not qualify for VAT relief. Under HMRC guidelines, individuals eligible for VAT relief are not exempt from paying VAT on these items.

2. Am I eligible?

You are eligible for VAT Relief if:

• the person who will use the item(s) is 'chronically sick or disabled' and;

• the item(s) are for personal or domestic use, and not for commercial use by a business.

Under the guidelines individuals with Alzheimer’s disease qualify for VAT relief.

If you are purchasing goods & claim VAT relief on behalf of another person, we will require some personal information (of the individual you are buying for) at checkout. This can be self-declared by the purchaser or end user both online or over the phone by providing us with a specific medical condition.

3. What do I need to do?

The Government requires that customers fill in a simple declaration setting out the nature of their disability and/or chronic or terminal illness.

At Unforgettable we do not require any proof of your disability or a doctor’s letter; however, you should remember that it is an offence to falsely claim that you or someone you are buying for is eligible for VAT relief. It is also an offence if you claim VAT relief for a business unless you are a registered charity.

4. Is there anything else I need to know?

To make things easier for you we have clearly labelled products on our site that are eligible for VAT relief (see icons above).

Whenever you see a product labelled as 20% OFF you will be able to purchase this product at its excluding VAT price, if you qualify for eligibility. We will also notify you in your basket if you have selected any products that are eligible for VAT relief.

VAT relief is calculated in the checkout, if you are purchasing a product that is eligible for VAT relief you will be asked to enter in your details, or the details of the person you are buying for. If you, or the person you are buying for, are not eligible for VAT relief under the HRMC guidelines, please skip this step and you will be charged for the full price.

Please note that shipping costs do not come under VAT relief, and the change in price will be taken from the individual items, not the overall cost of your basket.

VAT is an EU tax, and therefore not applicable to international customers. If your billing and shipping addresses are outside of the UK, VAT will be automatically removed at the checkout.

For more information or to claim VAT Relief, contact one of our expert advisors now on 020 3322 9070