Jointly: the care coordination app from Carers UK

Developed by Carers UK, Jointly is a mobile and online app that can make life better for the millions of people looking after a loved one. Jointly helps make caring easier, less stressful and more organised.

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Looking after someone?

Designed in consultation with carers, Jointly brings together key features in a single tool.

  • One central place to store and share the important information about the person you are looking after.
  • Simple, intuitive group communication to keep everyone informed and better connected.
  • Shared calendar, task lists and medication manager to help co-ordinate responsibilities and organise what needs to be done.
  • Works across different devices: smartphone, tablet or home computer / laptop.
James' Quote

“Looking after someone can be complicated. Jointly helps me stay on top of things and share information easily with everyone involved in the care of my son.”

How it works

Jointly works by enabling people to set up circles of care.

Once a user sets up a Jointly circle for a loved one they can invite as many people as they want to join them and share the care with them at no additional cost. Alternatively, carers can use Jointly on their own to organise the care around someone.

Once you’ve got your account you can log in to the app on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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Jointly works on:

iPhone (iOS versions 6.0 and above), iPad (iOS 6.0 and above), Android devices (versions 4.0 and above), and most modern web browsers

Key Features

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