Brook Worthy Law - Free Will Consultation

Free Will Consultation

Brook Worthy Law is extending its free Will consultation service to ALL Unforgettable Customers Whether it’s for you or a family member, don’t leave things to chance. Organise your FREE Will consultation.

Why is it important?

Did you know that nearly 70% of adults in the UK have never made a Will? And even those who do have one are often relying on old outdated documents that no longer match their requirements.

It’s important that everyone of us keeps our affairs up to date, not just the elderly. But if someone you know has dementia or memory loss, the need to make a Will, or update an old one, becomes even more pressing.

Brook Worthy Law wants to help you do this easily and at no cost and are offering all Unforgettable customers a FREE no obligation review of their situation.

Why use a professional?

Well you think you know what you want to do and you might think things are very simple but many families find themselves in unnecessary trouble because they could not see the consequences of what they were doing. It will cost you nothing other than a little bit of time to find out all the things you should consider before ever signing a Will.

Why a consultation?

Everyone is different and has different needs. Wills and Trust advice is as individual as the person themselves, so a one-to-one conversation with an expert usually works best.

How does it work?

Initially Brook Worthy Law will email a link to download their Will App and complete your details. This information is then available ready for your consultation. Brook Worthy Law will review your information and then contact you to discuss things you might need to consider before signing your Will.

The conversation is by telephone. If you want to take it further, Brook Worthy Law would then organise a visit to your home at a convenient time. They encourage a family to be present, but that is your choice.

Brook Worthy Law - Free Will Consultation

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