We have done the hard work for you. Explore our range of e-books for helpful advice, tips and facts. Written and inspired by carers, NHS professionals, lawyers and occupational therapists.

A Guide to the Dementia Journey

What to expect and when

If someone you care about has been diagnosed with dementia you probably have some questions. This down-to-earth little book will guide you through some of the issues, for example:

  • How long can the person I care for live independently?
  • Will they eventually forget who I am?
  • What can I do to make life easier for them?

Your Dementia Home

A step by step guide to creating a dementia-friendly home

We’ve published Your Dementia Home to help you find practical solutions to some of the most common challenges around the home. This book will show you how to make your home safe, comfortable and more dementia-friendly.

  • Tips for all rooms in the home, as well as the garden
  • Hints for areas you might not have thought about, such as stairs or doors, and using signage in your home

Going into hospital when you have dementia

What you need to know to make a hospital stay easier for everyone.

If the person you love has dementia you probably dread the idea of them being admitted to hospital. How will they cope in an unfamiliar environment? How will YOU cope with the stress and worry? That’s why we’ve worked with dementia specialist Danielle Wilde to produce this unique and practical guide which will help you to prepare, show you what to expect and give you lots of great advice, tips and reassurance.

  • Insider tips from people who’ve been there too
  • Step by step advice from experts and carers
  • How to prepare, what to expect and how to manage

Dementia Explained

A comprehensive guide to what dementia is and how it can affect you

Whether you’re recently diagnosed, caring for someone or just want more information, educating yourself on dementia can be both useful and empowering. It’s why we’ve created Dementia Explained.

Staying out of hospital when you have dementia

What you need to know about avoiding a hospital admission (and staying in the best of health).

No one wants to be admitted to hospital. But if you have dementia, a hospital stay isn’t only distressing, it can also lead to a rapid decline in overall health and wellbeing. So is there a way to avoid it? There’s lots you can do to prevent some of the most common causes of hospital admissions, download our free eBook to learn how to keep the person that you love safe, healthy and away from the hospital for as long as possible.

  • Covers common causes of hospital admissions
  • How to spot them, how to prevent them, how to manage them

Lasting Power of Attorney

A complete guide

We've done the hard work for you by providing everything you need to know about setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney. Our free guide cuts through the legal jargon with helpful information and advice.

  • Why you should get a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • How to fill out and register your forms
  • How to pick your attorneys
  • How to use a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • What is mental capacity