Day Clock Buying Guide

A day clock is probably the most useful thing you can buy for a loved one with dementia. Day clocks have been shown to ease confusion, stress and anxiety throughout the dementia journey. We’re offering great discounts across our whole range of clocks so you can be sure to get the best possible price for the clock you really need. (Warning: this offer will only last until May 1st).

Quotation mark

“My Mum was having trouble keeping her diary in order. Things were going in on the wrong week or sometimes the wrong month. She was delighted when I set this calendar up next to her phone. The clarity of the display, beginning with the day of the week, is going to be a great help.”


Analogue Day Clocks

If you prefer a traditional clock face, we have several analogue clocks with special features to ease confusion, discreetly.

Digital Day Clocks

If a traditional clock face becomes too confusing, take a look at our clear and simple digital display clocks. We also have a battery powered digital clock which can be mounted to a wall or carried around easily, if you are looking for a day clock that your don't need to plug in.

Other Solutions

Many people find talking clocks and watches extremely useful too. Check out our stylish talking watches and alarm clocks. We even have a very special talking button clock…

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