Dementia clock buying guide

A day clock is probably the most useful thing you can buy for a loved one with dementia. Day clocks have been shown to ease confusion, stress and anxiety throughout the dementia journey. They simplify time for people who are losing their sense of it, making it easier for them to relax, keep appointments and know when friends are coming round for tea.

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Best seller

The Unforgettable 2-in-1 day clock

Time made simple

Remembering the day and time can become increasingly difficult for people with memory loss and dementia. So, if you're looking for a clock to help you through the whole dementia journey, you might find that this best seller is just what you need. Why? Becuase it changes with your needs. The clear bold display can show either the exact time and day, or just the time of day if you want to keep things simple. The choice is yours.

Quotation mark

Grandad is in the early stages of Dementia and living alone. He would often get confused with the time, and phone calls in the middle of the night were not uncommon, particularly in winter. This clock works a treat. Grandad's eyes are not great either, but he can read the clock fine. Grandad still calls but at least he waits until the morning now!! A good buy for sure!

New day clock with personalised reminders

Unforgettable Day Clock with Reminders

£69.99 with VAT Relief

The perfect assistant for those living with memory loss and dementia, a couple of reminders a day can make a huge difference in helping someone take control of their day and maintain independence.

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