How to Leave Feedback

1. Share a comment by clicking on the grey ‘+’ box at the bottom Right Hand Side of every page. This way we can track what page your comments refer to.

How to leave feedback

2. Click in the relevant box depending on the type of comment you would like to leave, such as:

(a) General ‘feedback’ about the page

(b) A ‘problem’ you faced

(c) A ‘suggestion’ of what we could improve

(d) A ‘question’ about something you did not understand

3. Type in your comment. There is no word limit and you can leave several comments per page.

4. Click ‘send’ and you will be given the option to enter an email address. This is helpful since it allows us to respond directly to your comment(s). If you do not wish to leave an email address, then keep this box blank and click ‘send’ to submit the comment(s).

5. Repeat this process on every page where you would like to leave a comment so that we can pinpoint where you were on the site.