Calmness starts with comfort

Feeling the cold can be a common problem during the winter months, particularly for older people who tend to have a weaker circulation so aren’t as good at keeping their body heat up. Helping a loved one feel warm, comfortable and happy is vital for ensuring they stay calm. After all, it’s easy for a person with dementia to feel agitated or distressed if they feel cold, but don’t understand why or aren’t sure how to tell people.

Our range of cosy clothing is easy to put on, looks stylish and attractive, and will ensure a loved one stays comfortable and happy whether they’re pottering around indoors, or heading outside.

James' Quote

“Time and again I have seen carers choose clothes that are so far removed from what their loved one would wear because tracksuit bottoms or baggy shirts are more functional. It is not often a decision that is made lightly and sometimes it is accompanied by a feeling of guilt; robbing their mum or dad of their personal style or identity. I love this range of clothing because they remain stylish while being functional and closely mirror what many people would wear.”

Daphne Simpson, Professional Carer

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