Companion Puppies

While animal therapy has been shown time and again to be beneficial, pets and dementia don't always work out. That’s where these furry puppies can help. They keep that feeling of companionship going thanks to their realistic look and feel. In fact, robotic pet therapy is growing in popularity all the time thanks to its ability to reduce agitation and provide focus and tranquillity.

These pups have a battery-operated mechanism so their stomach will gently rise and fall to imitate a little puppy having a snooze. It’s extremely soothing to rest a hand on the pet or stroke it and feel this. And for someone with dementia, particularly if they were previously a pet owner, sitting a companion pup on their lap may help to calm, soothe and bring lots of smiles.

Companion pups make the perfect gift for someone with dementia over the festive season or for a birthday or special occasion. Just remember a dog is for life, not just for Christmas…

Customer Reviews


Care Home, Seaford (reviewed on 18/08/2016)

Our residents love it - so much so that two of our ladies who are big animal lovers fight over it and I've just bought a companion kitten today to go with it!

Nice idea

Cambs (reviewed on 09/08/2016)

I've recommended this to other people in my carer's circle as I think it could be really helpful. For my mum it's not too cuddly and she has pulled part of the collar off but other than that it's very resilient!

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