Audiobook library membership with USB player

£69.95 with VAT Relief
£76.94 including VAT

  • Lifetime membership of Calibre Audio Library
  • Audio books delivered postage-free on USB direct to your door
  • High quality and easy to use USB player

Books can bring so much enjoyment to people’s lives, but with dementia reading can become difficult and can ultimately lead to a long-loved hobby feeling no longer possible.

But it can be. Calibre is an Audiobook library service allowing members to access an online library of over 9,500 high-quality Audiobooks. It is the perfect library service for people who are finding reading too difficult but would love to continue to enjoy their old favourites and discover new tales and adventures through audio.

You can get a lifetime membership to Calibre with a specialist Soverign audio player for just £69.95.

What you get

Sovereign Music and Audio Player

The Soverign audio player is high quality and easy to use. Play your audio books straight from the USB memory stick. The Soverign player has an intelligent bookmarking systems meaning the audio books will always start at the same spot where you last finished listening. The player has rechargeable batteries making it easily portable when you are listing, and no wires getting in the way.

The Calibre Membership

Calibre will send you your Audiobooks on a USB Memory Stick. They have an extensive library catering to all tastes from fiction and non-fiction genres to short stories and poetry. Whether you like the classics, thrillers, romance or war, there is something to suit all tastes and interests.

How it works

Once you purchase your Calibre through Unforgettable you will be asked to complete a short form so that they can understand your preferences. This will include how you would like to receive your books (CD, USB or streaming) and which genres you would like to receive.

Calibre will then send you your first Audiobook via your specified method. When you’ve finished with it, if you’ve specified post or USB, you simply send it back (free of charge) and they will then send you your next Audiobook.

You can borrow up to 4 titles at any one time and there is no fixed return date, meaning you can take as little or as long as you want and never risk those overdue fines!

If you don't specify a particular Audiobook, Calibre will send you titles that they think you will enjoy, but you can update your preferences at any time if you want to try something different!

*Please note that Calibre is a charity providing a subscription free service to people who have difficulty reading written books. This service is only available for people who have dementia, visual impairment and other disabilities/illnesses that make reading difficult.

Try a sample of the service

Frequently Asked Questions

Calibre books are delivered and returned by post, free of charge.
New members receive one book initially. Once this is returned we normally issue 2 books. Most people are happy to have two books at a time and find this is sufficient to ensure they always have a book available to listen to. Once you have two books, when you have finished your first book please return it to us and we then send out a replacement which should reach you before you have finished reading your second book. In this way you'll get books at your own speed.

If you read a lot you may need more than two books - just ask and we will increase your allocation. Owing to the higher costs of USB memory sticks, allocation of USB sticks is capped at four per member but you can have 8 CD's and it is possible to have a mix of both formats.
Calibre's digital books by post are in two formats - MP3 format compact disk and USB memory stick. All members can borrow our books on disk and memory stick. We also offer an online streaming service.

For the books on MP3 format CDs there is a wide choice of players, with different features and at different prices. If you have recently bought a CD player this may play MP3 disks as well as ordinary CDs. You can also listen to them on many DVD players, on computers, and on many Daisy machines.

To play your books using a USB memory stick you need a memory stick player. There are a selection of players on the market, some specifically designed for people with sight problems, Some local talking newspapers have already issued memory stick players to their subscribers.
We aim to provide a good selection of books you may like to read for pleasure. The titles in the main library include best-sellers, classic authors, detective stories, historical novels and non-fiction such as biography and travel. There are also 1,500 books specially recorded for children and young people. We welcome suggestions for new books to add to the library.

10% of our profits go to the Unforgettable Foundation

Our mission is to create a world where people with dementia live the best possible life. Buy purchasing the Unforgetabble 2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock you are helping to support our charitable work.