Dementia Gifts

Choosing gifts for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are plenty of options, for example a dementia gift could include:

  1. A daily living aid to help promote independence and allow people with dementia to continue living their own lives.
  2. A music related gift, such as a music player loaded with their favourite songs.
  3. A gift to help them reminiscence about the past.
  4. A product to help with relaxation, because if a person with dementia can feel calm and relaxed, they’re less likely to become agitated or distressed.
  5. A conversation starter, that can ease loneliness and help boost confidence.

If you’re running out of ideas, we are here to help make the decision process easier. Here is a list of our top gifts for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Each dementia gift has been selected based on whether they make daily life a bit easier or bring pleasure and fun. People with dementia still have lots of life to live so if you’re searching for a special gift, take a look at our list below.

Help to keep a normal routine: Unforgettable Day Clocks

Unforgettable Day Clocks Gift

These day clocks adapt to your needs. Clear and easy to see, you can choose to display either the exact time with date and day or simplify it just to the day and time of day (morning, afternoon, evening and night). It’s ideal for someone with dementia who gets muddled up with time and helps reduce agitation and repetitive questions.

Cost: From £37.49 click here to find out more

Photographs from every year of your life: Your Life in Pictures

Your Life in Pictures Gift

This beautifully bound newspaper book makes the perfect dementia gift. It is tailor made to include iconic photographs of major news events from every year of your life, starting with the day you were born. You can also have your name embossed on the cover at no extra cost. A gift to cherish, perfect for those who love to reminisce about times gone by.

Cost: £29.99 click here to find out more

Unforgettable Free Catalogue

Easy to use and customise for all ages: The Unforgettable Music Player & Digital Radio

The Unforgettable Music Player & Digital Radio

Music can make a great gift for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Developed with the help of Unforgettable community, this beautifully designed music player and digital radio comes with a free USB so you can ou can add up to 1,000 of your own songs to keep it personal.

Cost: £79.99 click here to find out more

Keep minds active: Jigsaw Puzzles

Dementia Jigsaw Puzzles

If you are looking for a gift to help boost mood and bring maximum enjoyment, our range of dementia jigsaw puzzles are ideal. Carefully designed and selected to be engaging, easy to use and easy to see. Vibrant, fun, memory inspiring pictures are sure to bring up conversation and light up a few grins.

Cost: £9.99 click here to find out more

Find your perfect pet: Companion Petz

Companion Petz Gift

These best-selling furry friends have already brought comfort and companionship to thousands of people living with dementia. Realistic to look at, their bodies gently rise and fall to mimic ‘breathing.’ And at such a reasonable price, it’s no surprise that they remain a very popular dementia gift for people who may no longer be able to care for real animals.

Cost: £19.99 click here to find out more

Perfect for get-togethers: Call to Mind

Call to Mind - The Conversation Game

Stuck for words? Call to mind is the perfect gift to help spark conversations. Designed to help the person with dementia to connect with, and recall, positive personal memories, inspiring conversations and making it easier for them to enjoy quality time with family, friends and carers across all generations.

Cost: £31.66 click here to find out more

Memories brought to life: Talking Photo Album

Talking Photo Album Gift

Record your own commentary to go with each photograph in this best-selling photo album. It’s incredibly simple to upload your commentary and it makes it easier to trigger memories and conversation. Photo albums just got more exciting!

Cost: £29.99 click here to find out more

Remember the days that matter: Memory Calendar 2019

Memory Calendar 2019

This clear and simple paper calendar shows the month, year, day and date in large bold print. Each page also has space for you to add personal reminders and appointments. The Memory Calendar has been developed and trialled with the help of the Derbyshire Alzheimer’s Society, and over 50% of the profit from every sale goes to charity.

Cost: £9.99 click here to find out more

Keep fidgeting fingers happy: Fiddle Muff

Fiddle Muff Gift

These fiddle muffs are a great way to ease boredom, stress and agitation. Hard wearing, but soft to touch, they have lots of interesting textures to twiddle and colours to keep the person you care about occupied and stimulated.

Cost: £24.99 click here to find out more

Simple way to stay in touch: DORO MemoryPlus 319I PH

DORO MemoryPlus 319I PH

Staying in touch with friends and family is vital for anyone living with memory loss or dementia. But if their usual phone is becoming too difficult to use, it might be time to swap it for something simpler. The DORO MemoryPlus is one of our most popular phones and it’s easy to see why. The keys are large, the handle is easy to grip and, best of all, you don’t have to remember anyone’s phone number.

Cost: £39.16 click here to find out more

Looking for something else? Check out our gifts category to find a wide range of gifts perfect for someone with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.