Our top ten advice articles

Unforgettable has hundreds of advice articles about every stage of dementia. But the ones below (most of which are about later stages and symptoms dementia) are definitely our most popular, suggesting a real need for more information about the most difficult part of the dementia journey.

#1 - Late stage dementia – what might you expect?

#2What are the stages of dementia?

#3What is the life expectancy for someone with dementia? 

#4Death and dementia: Preparing for the end of life

#521 ideas for group activities in your care home

#6Why does dementia cause chewing and swallowing problems?

#7Why does dementia cause suspicions, delusions and paranoia?

#8Mid stage dementia – what might you expect?

#9 - What causes pneumonia in people with dementia?

#10What is vascular dementia?


Our top ten blogs

Each week we publish a wide variety of newsy blogs and real-life dementia stories to suit all interests and needs. These were our most popular this year:

#1 - Dementia calling: phones for people with dementia

#2Taking medication when you have dementia: 12 ways to make it easier

#3Telling the time when you have dementia

#4 - Lasting Power of Attorney refunds: what you need to know

#5Could this new BBC drama help change attitudes to dementia?

#6What are the benefits of dementia jigsaw puzzles?

#7 - (Our founder) James’ story: seven products that made our journey easier

#8Craig’s dementia story: ‘Cherish each moment you have’

#9 - How it REALLY feels when your husband has dementia

#10James’ story: eight products I wish we’d had for mum


Our top ten ‘Thank you Unforgettable!’

Nothing pleases us more than knowing our customers are satisfied with what they’ve bought and with the service they received from us. We’re delighted that more than 90% of our customer reviews are 4 stars or even 5 stars. Here are some of our favourite pieces of customer feedback we received in 2018

#1 - Unforgettable Music Player & Digital Radio
‘Great product. Really nice to have a radio with ability to save favourite stations. Additional USB stick option is great – can swap in/out different music selections.’

#2Simple Music Player
Brilliant, mum loves this, quality of sound is very good. Has made mum very happy.’

#3 - Unforgettable 7 inch clock
My mother finds it very helpful and reassuring as she frequently forgets what day it is and easily confuses dates.’

#4 - Personal Alarm and GPS Tracker
'Very good product. Works well as describes. Recommend for anyone who’s relative tends to wander.’

#5 - Companion Puppy - Cavalier King Charles
'Very good companion. My wife has a new friend for life.’

#6 - Your Unforgettable Life Story
'This is a fabulous quality book. It gives prompts, tips and inspiration through cards and written. There are slots ready for photos and cards to go into and irrelevant sections can be removed so that we can totally personalise it.’

#7 -Shining Star
Lovely light box with soothing sounds. Mum probably can’t hear it well but seems to like it, bedtimes are calmer. I love it, very natural sounding.’

#8 - Book of Calm / Affirmation Cards
'Brilliant little book. Wonderful to read when you’re feeling down or are having a difficult day. An exceptional purchase for anyone caring for a loved one. When purchased with the affirmation cards the two work well together.’

#9 - Family Guide to Dementia
Gave me all the answers to my questions.’

#10 - The Unforgettable Customer Service team
Excellent customer service and great delivery arrived on day stated.'