The diagnosis

The tests are complete and now it’s time for the results. Find out what happens during the diagnosis.

  • The dementia diagnosis – what happens if you have it OR you don’t?

    You’ve been to the doctor, had the tests and you’re now sat awaiting the results. But the next steps for you will depend entirely on your diagnosis. Here’s what to expect…
  • What to ask during a dementia diagnosis

    If you’re undergoing tests for dementia there might be lots of questions you want answers to. Find out what’s good to ask during a diagnosis...
  • Navigating the dementia journey

    If you or a loved one are at the beginning of the dementia journey you might feel daunted about what’s ahead, and worried about how you’ll cope. Knowing what to expect and how things are likely to progress can make life easier for everyone, so here are the key things to consider
  • How is dementia diagnosed?

    Find out everything you need to know about getting a diagnosis for dementia - and why it can help

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