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Who We Are

At Unforgettable we offer life-changing products that benefit people living with dementia. Joining our affiliate program offers the opportunity to help in a mutually beneficial way. Its also completely free & quick to set up.

Our Founder (James Ashwell) decided to create Unforgettable after his personal experience with his mother who unfortunately suffered from Dementia. James gave up work in his twenties to become her carer and through his experiences found that there was huge lack of support and awareness of the disease. Taking on-board these lesson he decided to found Unforgettable and help all those people in need.

Currently there are 850,000 living with dementia in the UK and 200K+ new cases diagnosed every year. On average each person suffering has 2+ carers and overall 40% of the population know someone with Dementia so there is a huge impact on society. While there are all these people in need 87% of carers are unaware that there are dementia specific products that can help.

The solution to this was to create the world’s best market of dementia products and services.

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Why Join the Unforgettable Affiliate Program? offers the most complete range of dementia specific products in the market with many unique products across a range of categories including memory loss, wellbeing, daily living, your home, activities and beyond. We currently have over 2000 products and are constantly adding new products on a weekly basis to our comprehensive website. The site contains a store but also a huge amount of helpful advice and a supportive community. Due to the extensive offering we are now redesigning the site to improve the navigation by department which should go live in September however we are already experiencing excellent sales conversion rates and average order values.

We take care with everything we do from product selection to the quality of service. We can ship internationally but are currently mainly focussed in the UK. We offer several choices of delivery within the UK and beyond. Currently we have a free delivery promotion for order over £50 but this ends on July 31st.

We offer cash back and have at major offers every month (currently we have several bundles available and price drops on key products like the Day Clock), with mini offers often. We are introducing new products all the time.

• Bundle Example: 25% off our Dementia Jigsaw Puzzles - Pack of 3
• Best selling Combo: 20% off the Shining Star Cube with Dementia Jigsaw
• Best Price in market: Dayclox Digital Calendar Day & Date Clock
• Beyond these offers we also offer VAT relief on many products, details can be found on each product page and more info here

How Do You Benefit from the Unforgettable Affiliate Program?

• Banners: Creatives updated regularly in line with promotions and seasonal events
• Commission: earn 10% commission
• Cookie Length: 30 days
• Affiliate Approval: Manual
• Voucher Codes: Individual codes can be provided for specific promotions and/or high performing partners.

Unforgettable PPC Policy

Closed. We can potentially look at offering PPC terms to certain partners but this would be agreed separately/individually.