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At Unforgettable we offer life-changing products that benefit people living with dementia. Joining our affiliate program offers the opportunity to help in a mutually beneficial way. Its also completely free & quick to set up.


What is an Affiliate programme?

It's a bit like an advertising programme and is a simple, quick and free way to make money from your website or blog.

Sign up, and when you write about and link to the Unforgettable website and our products, you'll earn a minimum 10% commission if your visitors go on to purchase anything. It's easy!

There are already more than 350 partners earning money every day in partnership with Unforgettable.

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Why Join our programme?

Earn money: Your website and blog can earn your business/charity money

It's free and quick: Get up and running today, it takes less than 5 minutes to sign up

Partner with Unforgettable: A social company that brings together changing products, services and advice to help people with dementia or memory loss

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What do I need to do?

Join: Sign up to our affiliate programme here and follow the validation instructions. Once you have been approved by Webgains (who run the programme) you can then search for the Unforgettable programme, and we will approve you too.

Promote our products: Choose which of our products to promote and add in links or banners to them (provided by us) from your existing articles/blogs or write new information and promote them. You can also offer your visitors/users a voucher code.

Earn money: We will pay you a minimum of 10% of everything sold on our site from customers who you referred to us. Commission is uncapped, so there’s no limits on how much you can earn! You can monitor and track your earnings online and will be paid weekly or monthly.


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Unforgettable is the website that brings together life changing products, services and advice to help people with dementia, memory loss and other challenges. It’s a one stop shop for products and services as well as offering great advice, excellent support and an active online community of Caregivers.

Unforgettable is committed to using business as a force for good and is registered as one of the founding B Corp social businesses in the UK. Unforgettable was founded by James Ashwell after caring for his mother who had dementia. He found it hugely frustrating that he couldn’t find suitable products for her, and so started sourcing and creating his own. Unforgettable works with inventors, researchers, care homes, charities, therapists and carers to deliver the world’s best dementia products and services.

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