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If you’re looking for information about dementia and memory loss, Unforgettable has a wide range of easy to read articles explaining possible symptoms, causes and treatments and giving lots of practical advice.

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Our community is constantly growing and is full of people who understand what you might be going through. You can read their stories, listen to their thoughts about dementia or join in and share your own tips and experiences.

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Useful carer tips from our community

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“We have a white board next to the day clock which we fill in daily with any appointments. It helps keep her independent and stops my Dad being asked the same question over and over again!”

Chrissie Ryan

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“If I'm worried about my husband getting agitated when he asks, "When are we going home?" I usually say, "Well we can't set off today, but we will go tomorrow." That usually settles him.”

Judy C

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“Allow the person with dementia to get on with stuff without 'helping' them. You can always put things right later. Don't interfere, even if they are having difficulty, unless you are asked. In that way the person's dignity is intact."

Bridget Farrer

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