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Advice Centre

Our focus is on practical advice which helps those living with dementia and memory loss.


We keep readers up to date on all the latest news and events concerning dementia and Alzheimer's.

Popular advice

What are the stages of dementia?

Find out all the basic information about dementia stages and what they mean.

What's causing aggressive behaviour?

Find out what could be causing hostile or violent behaviour in the person you love or care for.

Product guides

Things to do: Activities for someone with dementia

Activities provide a sense of self, normality and enjoyment and give structure to the day.

Sweet dreams: Products to help with sleep and rest

Ensuring that someone with dementia is as comfortable as possible is vital to help them sleep.

Top gifts for someone with dementia

Everything you need to know about picking a gift for someone with dementia.

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Our mission is to create a world where people with dementia live the best possible life

Our charity partners

Organisations that strive to better the experience of those living with dementia and memory loss.

Care homes, NHS and professionals

We work with Care Homes, NHS institutions and Carers. From meaningful activities to signs. If we don’t have it, we will find it.